Mountain Island Church of Christ

Gospel Meeting - "The Work of the Holy Spirit" - Jody Apple - Nov 9-12, 2008

Sunday - 9:00 AM
Presentation about and Video Bible Institute
10:00 AM

The Sword of The Spirit (Eph 6:17)
--how the Spirit and the word/message of God function co-operatively

2:00 PM
Born Of Water And The Spirit (Jn 3:3)
--an indepth examination of the new birth, i.e. how we are born again


Monday - 7:00 PM
The Spirit And The Bride Say Come (Rev 22:17)
--how the Spirit works in evangelism through the church
Tuesday - 7:00 PM
The Law Of The Spirit Of Life In Christ Jesus (Rom 8:2)
--how the gospel saves; contrast and comparison with the Mosaic law
Wednesday - 7:00PM
Led Of The Spirit (Gal 5:18)
--Christian living according to the Holy Spirit

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