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Event Document Author Updated
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan Activity Calendar Alicia 10/1/14
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan Points Sheet Alicia 10/1/14
Second Language Phrases & Verses (Bronze Level Spanish) Bob 10/1/14
Know the Books Book & Themes Progress Chart Bob 4/19/15
Centurion of Scripture Schedule (Sermon on the Mount) Bob 4/19/15
Centurion of Scripture Centurion Challenge (Selected Verses) Vickie 4/27/15
Providers Providers.pdf L2L 6/4/15
All 2016 Participation List Dave 7/20/15
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan 2015/2016 Calendar Alicia 7/21/15
All 2016 Official Rulebook L2L 8/27/15



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