MICOC Lads to Leaders - Leaders

Meet Our Current Volunteer Group Leaders:

Shelly Agnus Mass Media, Speech
Shirlene Blount Bartimaeus
Alphonso Clarke GUARDS, Jr Leaders, Teach to Teach, Heading to the Office
Sabrina Cubillos Puppets Theater
Vickie Cubillos Puppets Theater, Year-Round Bulletin Board
Derek Hall Know the Books
Tara Hall Good Samaritan, Scrapbook
Brande Hill Art Says It, Song Composition, Songs of Praise, Year-Round Bulletin Board
Denise Norris Parade of Leaders, Parade of Winners
Kathy Norris Know the Books
Ron Norris Song Leading, Year-Round Song Leading
Rory Norris Oral Bible Reading
Alicia Reed Good Samaritan
Nedra Rodriguez Year-Round Bulletin Board
Bob Scott Art Says It (Bulletin Board), Mass Media (Website), Know the Books, Second Language, Year-Round PowerPoint
Debbie Scott Speech, GIFTS, Keepers
Steve Williams Speech
Eric Wilson Centurion of Scripture
Ben Womack Bible Bowl, Speech, Parade of Winners, Pearls
Helen Womack Pearls



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